Easelly is a web 2.0 site that students can use to make millions of info graphs for free. There are templates available to get the students started. This web 2.0 tool is awesome because it gives many creative ways to gather and organize information. The graphics could be used in many ways such as presentations, projects, research and even to study. The idea of using this web tool verses the old school pen and paper method is not only for a cleaner and fancier graphic but to also relate to our technology savvy students. Educators could even use this site as a tool to present information in a clean and interesting format.

Before using the site students will be required to have their information and then can use the site as a way of reinforcing that gained knowledge. It forces students to fully understand the information in a way that they can organize it in a comprehensible manor. When using a template the website is very user friendly and simple to use. If your up for a little more of a challenge you have the option to free style and not use a template. I find this option to be a little more advanced and would take someone not only creative but familiar with the tool. With that being said I think from about 5th grade and up this website would be extremely effective in the classroom.