On the Teaching Channel website, we find a video of a 5th grade Teacher named Mr. Pane. The lesson he is modeling is about digital citizenship. He uses Superheros and the tool of making comic strips on the students lap tops as an engaging way to teach students about their digital responsibilities of safety, responsibility and respect. By letting students custom make their superhero he is making the lesson fun, exciting and relatable. Mr. Pane allows he students to use their creativity and enjoy a lesson that could have been very boring or felt like they were being reprimanded. The use of comic strips as a form of story boarding and brain storming gives this lesson multiple aspects because now he is touching on reading and writing. The use of gallery walks allows the students to learn from each other as well as grow their self esteem by having them show off what they created. This activity also gets the students up and moving and their blood flowing again after sitting at the computer for some time making their comic strip.